School Portraits General Information

General Information

Hi and welcome to our school photography page!  We have lots of information and great samples here to help you along.  For information on school photography please read on!

Before Photo Day ~ General Information for Students & Families

We really do want to ensure that both students and families are happy with their photographs.  Almost all problems are created prior to photography by poor selection of clothing, students not taking a few moments to check their hair and occasional unwillingness to co-operate when the portrait is taken. We want everyone to look their very best and you to be thrilled with the portrait.
How a student looks in the photograph is really important -  please stop & think about clothing, hair, etc.  Richer coloured clothing (blues, reds, greens, etc.) will photograph best.  Please consider clothing colour with the background you are selecting.  A bright blue top on a blue background can sometimes be too much. Try to avoid all white or all black tops as they will make the portrait appear to be too pale or too dark.  Clothing with bold logos on the front can be a distraction in the finished portrait.  Similarly, many students wear clothing that simply does not fit properly or has torn or frayed edges.  Clothing problems are  the biggest reason for re-takes, so take the time to select clothing that will look attractive. 

We’ll provide a big mirror plus a free comb for each student to use and keep.  If  you have any special requests for glasses, clothing, etc., please mark these clearly and boldly on a piece of paper that your child must hand to the photographer prior to having their picture taken.  Please do not call the school or leave verbal messages for special requests with the teacher.  Please do not put notes inside envelopes as we do not have time to open hundreds of envelopes on Photo Day.

Family Discounts

A family with 3 students attending the same school pay the full price for the students with the largest two packages the third student’s package is half price!  Any additional students from one family attending the same school are also half price. Packs may be identical or different. You must write the names of the students and their teacher on the envelope containing the payment.  Please write one cheque per family or pay cash.  Each student must have their own envelope for proper photo identification.

Each school chooses a photography program they feel will best suit  the needs of their school community.  If your school is having the pre-paid photography system where you pay on photo day, please click here for more information.  If your school will be using the proof system where you will see proofs prior to paying for photography, please click here for further information.